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If you find yourself lost and in over your head from all the financial gurus pushing financial information, tips, and solutions 24/7, this is the group for you. This group is all about helping keep your financial choices personal to you and your individual needs. There are no one-size-fits-all anecdotes here, no hard and fast rules to financial success either. Instead, we want you to learn and understand how YOUR money works for YOU and create a plan that best suits your own needs.

About Me

Hi! I'm Nicole Simpson, but I will be your Urban Cash Coach for this group. I am passionate about helping people understand the foundations of essential financial management. 

I have over 14 years of experience in the financial service industry. Over the years, I have watched clients make some of the best and worst financial decisions while in the various roles I've held in the financial industry.
I have managed millions of dollars and facilitated the transfer of millions from one generation to the next. But, I also sat with customers who paid thousands of dollars in overdraft fees and used payday loans to make ends meet. I learned the main difference between those two customer types was simply financial education.

In 2017, I became a Certified Financial Education Instructor to gain the skills required to teach. In 2021, I became a Chartered Advisor of Philanthropy to gain the skills necessary to help those who financially thrive to give back to the community.  When I am not teaching financial education courses, I am busy running an insurance agency Go Fund Your Life. 

Believe it or not, insurance is like the iron gate we build around our financial house to protect our assets from harm or loss. So, it all goes together quite nicely. In a nutshell, I love all things finance and all things protection, and I am happy to meet you and help you as you become familiar with your finances.

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